Quack blogger censors inconvenient truth
I'm delighted to draw readers attention to this fascinating insight into the mind of a quack blogger by reproducing a post from elephants and mice and, more importantly, the comments beneath it. I wouldn't normally do this but, for reasons that are not clear, the blogger has decided to censor one of my comments and to misrepresent what I say in it, which I'm not entirely happy about. I'm sure he understands and is grateful for the publicity. December 13, 2009 Goldacre's Badscience Forum Censors Inconvenient Truths After linking and discussing this blog's entry on the fact that Sense about Science is directly sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and that Goldacre has received "awards" from pharmaceutical companies, Badscience forum has pulled the plug on the link and discussion. Badscience forum is the training ground for skeptics who are anti-complimentary medicine. Ironically, currently Goldacre and Sense about Science have joined forces to push politically to change libel laws for