How the spine wizards tried to trap me
I was unpleasantly surprised to find a bunch of spine wizards touting for business in front of my local Sainsbury's superstore recently. At a time when the chiropractic branch of'healing arts' in the UK is fighting tooth and nail to hang on to any vestige of credibility during the current onslaught of challenges by quackbusters, it seemed a strange way for people claiming to represent a serious healthcare discipline to behave. The only other hucksters I've seen hanging round Sainsbury's are car washers. But, hey, they've got to make a living somehow and I've got to find material for this blog so, naturally, I took advantage of their offer for a free spinal check. It so happened that I was suffering from a bit of an ache across the top of my shoulders and I knew the reason was the terrible posture I'd adopted over the past few months after switching to using a laptop on the couch instead of sitting at a desk. I asked the chiropractor, Dr Canard, (not her real name and