Homeopathy: there's nothing in it. Part 2
Ever open-minded and keen to unlock the mysteries of the supposedly great healing art known as homeopathy, here's another post primarily for my friends who are users and practitioners. I hope your responses will bring me to greater understanding. I can't help but notice that homeopaths themselves don't seem to agree on what homeopathy does. In a TV discussion with David Frost and Simon Singh, Jayne Thomas of the Society of Homeopaths, gives her version of what homeopathy does: It relieves symptoms. We don't treat individual diseases as disease labels. Homeopathy works by treating people individually; whatever spectrum of symptoms they experience, that's what homeopathy treats... for me to say that homeopathy treats XYZ disease would not be correct or appropriate. For me to say that homeopathy treats the symptoms that may be related to a particular disease is a far more accurate picture of what homeopathy actually does. So it doesn't treat the disease, it treats symptoms. Got that,