Homeopathy: there's nothing in it. Part 1
As the year draws to a close, I'd like to pay tribute to my many fans who use alternative therapies, especially those who have kindly commented on my various posts over the ten months since I started this blog. I've selected some of those comments for display in my new 'Quackolades' column below left. It's my way of saying thank you for making my case better than I could. Please keep them coming. One thing that struck me while sifting through them was how many have suggested that I don't know anything about homeopathy. It's a curious comment because I have used homeopathy myself and I have read extensively about it. I have my own well-thumbed copy of Hahnemann's Organon, I have read numerous pro and anti articles on the web. I've also read a number of reports of clinical trials, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. In my very popular post entitled Homeopathy is crap, I give a fairly detailed explanation of what homeopathy is and I include helpful and well-referenced information about