Confession time for Boots the chemist: homeopathy is crap
It was a borderline decision for me whether it was worth getting out of bed early to sit in on the House of Commons Science and Technology sub-Committee's 'evidence check' on homeopathy yesterday and since the whole thing would soon be available online, I have to wonder why I bothered. That's not to say I didn't enjoy witnessing the reassuring predictability of the top drawer defenders of homeopathy such as Dr Peter Fisher and Robert Wilson who, as it turns out, are no better at defending the indefensible than any of the common or garden homeoquacks and punters who keep themselves busy spreading their crap all over the web. Much has already been made of the admission by Paul Bennett, Professional Standards Director at Boots, which stocks homeopathy and other quack remedies aplenty. Responding to a question from the Chair, Phil Willis MP, on whether homeopathic remedies work better than placebo, he said, I have no evidence to suggest that they are efficacious and we look very much for