Chiropractic is crap
I'm aware that I've blogged rather a lot about homeopathy being crap because I just love the lunacy of it so much but today I thought I'd redress the balance a bit by writing an equally objective and unbiased post about why chiropractic is also crap. I didn't have to look far for inspiration. Take a look at this: What I like to do is live a life of health and vitality by eating well, exercising every day, making sure I receive Chiropractic every week, take no medications, not getting vaccinated, drinking pure water, taking wholefood supplements/fish oil/probiotics, no smoking or alcohol and making sure I treat my body with respect. When a chronically ill skeptic tells me that my lifestyle is quackery, I only feel sorry for them being trapped in a belief system that suppresses their quality of life. It's not my job to change that belief system. I like the fact that it is a free world and I get to choose what I do with my body. This very sad comment, by someone called Jeremy, appeared