Scott Capurro: the cremation
Hey, I've arrived! A celebrity (well, sort-of, he's been on TV), who didn't like what I wrote about his excrutiatingly awful gig back in July, has penned a petulant little post on his blog about me in return. Credit where it's due, however. Unlike his stand-up performance in Belsize Park, in his blog post Scott Capurro actually proves he can come up with a funny line or two. And I'm not being sarcastic! I love his description of this blog: It's some girl site warning other girls about the evils of homeopathy and, apparently, me. He's flattering himself a bit here, though. My review of his act (which I really enjoyed writing and am grateful for an excuse to revisit) was impulsive — I was trying to salvage something from a wasted evening. I don't consider Capurro to be in the same league as homeopathy. He isn't evil and nobody is going to die of anything watching him. Except boredom, perhaps. But my favourite bit is his riposte to my comparing him to a "saddo in a dirty raincoat getting