Hurray for female quackbusters
'Female quackbuster aims to protect the vulnerable', is the irresistible title of a paper that was Tweeted a few days ago. The paper is brought to us by the Zeus Information Service, a website whose stated aim is to "unite people and organisations worldwide who believe in the value of natural health therapies and want to continue to use them." Given the source, it's not altogether surprising that the title of the paper is the only thing about it that is strictly true. Rose Shapiro is female and, since the publication last year of her book, Suckers: How Alternative Medicine Makes Fools of Us All, the term 'quackbuster' would seem to be a fitting accolade. But the author of the paper — one 'Lady Medea' — isn't enamoured with her, for some reason. On and on drone these champions of the public good. Frankly we are tired of their boring diatribes and sick and tired of them. These Quackbusters must be really getting desperate, in order to warn the 'vulnerable' public that their health is