Thought for the Day has had its day
I see the utterly tedious topic of the religious Thought for the Day slot on BBC Radio 4's Today programme has been back in the headlines lately after Radio 4 Controller, Mark Damazer, said the BBC Trust is considering complaints made by hundreds of disgruntled atheists. It's very nice, I'm sure, of the BBC to finally consider the complaints when everyone I know who has ever complained received a standard rejection letter from Damazer taking the same daft 'secularists get a big enough slice of the pie already' line as many religionists do. Take Michael White, for example, in yesterday's Guardian: "Secularists dominate the airwaves for the other 23 hours and 57 minutes of the day," he tells us, "so why not keep three minutes for the faiths?" Or as Free Presbyterian Minister, David Robertson, whines in the Sunday Herald, "The BBC's default world view and operating principle is secularist...We will be more than happy to give up the tiny slot that is reserved for "religion" in the BBC..