Those quacks and their anecdotes
Quacks love anecdotes. They seem to love them even more when they're not true. On the web I've seen, for example, homeopaths claiming to have successfully cured cancer and kidney disease to the rapturous applause of their imbecilic devotees. I recall one even claiming to be able to treat third-degree burns better than conventional medicine and encouraging his sceptical critics to go burn themselves badly so he could prove it. Ethics aren't something common or garden quacks like to bother their pretty little heads about, evidently. They don't like anecdotes so much if they show alternative therapies in a poor light. When people start claiming that altmed is totally safe, I frequently respond by posting a link to the what's the harm? site. This is invariably greeted with snorts of derision, often by the same people who five minutes earlier were citing cases of their own as evidence of their miraculous healing power using one or other quack therapies. They don't like that site because