Sense and Solidarity: Beware the Spinal Trap
On request from Sense about Science and together with countless other websites that are concerned with truth and justice, I am pleased to post on this blog Simon Singh's article, which originally appeared in the Guardian newspaper's Comment is Free column on 19 April 2008 and which gave the British Chiropractic Association the hump. (I blogged previously about this story here and here.) The Guardian has taken the article down, thereby depriving the public of access to the very useful information and arguments it contained. However, the more websites that carry it, the more accessible it will be. So up yours, BCA. The version below has the allegedly libellous part removed but at the moment the unexpurgated version is still viewable here. Beware the spinal trap Some practitioners claim it is a cure-all, but the research suggests chiropractic therapy has mixed results – and can even be lethal, says Simon Singh You might be surprised to know that the founder of chiropractic therapy,