Homeopathy is still crap
It's high time I took another pop at homeopathy. I know more and more people are wising up to this particular brand of quack lunacy but, as someone who each morning receives a new list of web articles written by delusional homeopaths happily promoting their bogus therapies, I believe it's important in the interests of balance to keep ridiculing it. If you are a homeopath, you might like to re-read that last sentence again and note I did not say "unscrupulous homeopushers are still conning people". I have good reason to believe that homeopathic remedies are bogus (defined by as not genuine; counterfeit; spurious; sham) but I don't mean to imply that those who make a living from their promotion are being deliberately dishonest. No, I believe that most homeopaths have themselves been conned and are passing on all the bullcrap in good faith — even Homeopaths without Borders, who claim on their website that, Homeopathy also proves very effective in healing physical and mental