Homeopathy, hissy-fits and how to catch malaria
Ever open-minded and keen to learn about the complexities of one of the most popular alternative therapies and unwilling to rely on the biased news media and sneering science blogs, I tried to find a trustworthy source of information about the homeopathic product, Malaria Officinalis 30c, which has been in the news a bit lately. Naturally, I didn't find one though this case report from PubMed, whose headline tentatively suggests homoeopathy may not be effective in preventing malaria, makes for interesting reading. I did, however, find a site called Homeopathy for Health featuring something called simply Malaria 30c. The site is a mine of information about homeopathy and, surprisingly, it doubles up as a site where one can order homeopathic products to try for oneself. For Malaria 30c, you only need provide $22.99 (currently £14.41) in exchange for 'a family economy size of 1 oz bottle of 800 pellets with 265 doses, sucrose base'. Sounds like a bargain! It might seem alarming to see a