Alternative therapies do more harm than good
This post is dedicated to the memory of baby Gloria Thomas, who died in May 2002 and whose mother and homeopath father are standing trial in Australia for manslaughter by gross criminal negligence because they failed to get professional help for their child in spite of her "bleeding, crying and malnutrition". "In the last months of her life, baby Gloria Thomas suffered such terrible eczema her skin would weep and peel, sticking to her clothing when she was changed. Despite her bleeding, crying and malnutrition, her mother and homeopath father failed to get conventional medical help before she died a painful death, a Sydney jury has been told." Source In a more recent report we learn that her father "has admitted he failed his baby daughter by continuing to treat her chronic eczema with alternative instead of conventional medicine". It's the worst case scenario and it happened: the death of a baby too young to choose for herself whether to be treated with the evidence-based medicine