A new chapter in Bad Science
Matthias Rath is a German scientist, physician and vitamin pill salesman who went to South Africa — a country where 6.3 million people are HIV positive — and launched a misinformation campaign which claimed, amongst other things, that the life-prolonging antiretroviral drugs used to treat HIV patients were, in fact, poisoning them and they should taking his vitamin pills instead. A spokesman for the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) — which fights for people with HIV/AIDs to have access to proper treatment and which was accused by Rath of being a front for Big Pharma — described him as an "extremely dangerous man, a liar, a charlatan." The US Food and Drug Administration challenged claims on his website, the British Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint against him and the South African equivalent ordered him to stop claiming that dietary supplements are superior to chemotherapy. He has been condemned by the United Nations, the World Health Organisations and Médecins Sans