Part 3: The one about Wakefield's weird addendum
No sooner had I completed my previous post about Dr Andrew Wakefield having falsified data for the notorious study that led to the recent measles epidemics and his subsequent complaint to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), than I found on Brian Deer's website the evidence to confirm Wakefield has totally lost his marbles. The evidence is in the form of an addendum to Wakefield's complaint and it is basically 15 pages of repetition of what Wakefield already said on pages 1-2 of that document. This is that Deer, being the initiator of the complaint against him to the General Medical Council, thereby had a 'conflict of interest', which should have precluded him from writing about the case for a newspaper. It's a rather long-winded way of saying what I summed up in my previous post like this: P1. Deer made a complaint about him to the GMC. P2. Deer wants the GMC to uphold the complaint. C: Therefore any report Deer makes will be biased. In fact my summary was too charitable. I would