The case against Dr Andrew Wakefield: Part 2
In my previous post I gave an account of all the other charges against Andrew Wakefield who is currently before the General Medical Council on charges of professional misconduct. The main ones are: that he published inadequately founded research that he failed to obtain ethical committee approval for the work that he obtained funding for it improperly that he subjected children to "unnecessary and invasive investigations" Source. In this post I'll look at the latest allegations. On 8 February 2009 the Sunday Times printed the third part of an investigation by Brian Deer into the activities of Wakefield. According to Deer, "Wakefield changed and misreported results in his research". The notorious paper, which was published in the Lancet in 1998, involved twelve children. According to the paper's Table 1, eleven of these children had chronic non-specific colitis and most of these also had something called reactive ileal lymphoid hyperplasia. Only one of the twelve children had no such