The case against Dr Andrew Wakefield: Part 1
When the MMR triple vaccine was launched in the UK in 1988, I had no hesitation in making sure both my children got it. I didn't want them to go through what I'd been through in my own childhood: weeks off school, isolated, miserable and ill in my bedroom. I recovered fully from all the infectious diseases I got. Other children of my generation were left with permanent disabilities. Some died. Horrified at the large-scale re-emergence of measles and aware that a doctor called Andrew Wakefield was being blamed by some while being hailed as some kind of hero by others, I took it upon myself to read everything I could find on the subject. This is what I found out: In 1998, the Lancet published the report of a study by Andrew Wakefield and 12 colleagues into what they called 'autistic enterocolitis'. This paper said, We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described. Virological studies are underway that may help to resolve this issue.