No Sharia: One Law for All!
The No Sharia: One Law for All campaign was launched at the House of Lords on International Human Rights Day (10 December 2008). I attended the launch and, yesterday, I marked International Women's Day by joining several hundred protesters at the anti-Sharia demo in Trafalgar Square for a march to Red Lion Square. I generally find demonstrations uplifting experiences and certainly most of speakers at the start of the march were inspiring. They included many women who had fled their homelands because of Sharia. But on the march itself, my spirits were dampened by a man who was walking alongside us and who suddenly decided to engage me in conversation. He criticised the campaign organisers for not making it clear that the British government aren't actually planning to introduce Sharia Law in this country. My response was that this is beside the point. Some mosques in the UK hold Sharia courts and these discriminate against women. "You can't stop people from going for some kind of private