Homeopathy is crap
In this article I will take a calm and objective look at what the therapy invented 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann and known as 'homeopathy' is and why it is absolute crap. Not only is it utter crap but somehow it's acquired an air of respectability. As the Lancet famously said in 2005, the more dilute the evidence for homeopathy, the greater seems its popularity. All over the place people are talking unashamedly about trying homeopathic remedies on themselves, their children and their animals, oblivious to the fact that talking like this immediately flags up that they are ill-educated, gullible or deluded. It is because homeopathy is so absurd and yet taken so seriously by so many who should know better, that I focus on it a lot when I'm ranting about alternative therapies in general. I've already said a bit about the (lack of) scientific evidence for homeopathy but there is much more of this lack of evidence, so to speak, elsewhere on the web. Try PubMed and Cochrane. As for why