What Is A Muse?
What Is A Muse? For an artist, the muse is one of the most important relationships he can have. A muse provides a focus that he can create images and dreams around, someone who can be the subject of the romantic ideals of what made him an artist in the first place. The artist can then take those images and feelings and feed them to his guitar and voice (or paint, etc.) to see what comes out. As a songwriter, I take it for granted that people who don't really have a need to be inspired by a muse to create art know what that relationship is like. A muse might be a lover, a friendly infatuation, or maybe even a stranger the artist never even speaks to. It's usually assumed that the muse is a lover, but really, it's not as clear-cut as that, and in fact some of the best muses never end up as Continue reading What Is A Muse?→