Tribute For Heather Heyer
A woman was killed by a Nazi Trump supporter in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday August 12. She was defending human rights and equality in America and protesting against fascists, her name is Heather Heyer, and she is an American hero. I didn't know her, and I can't really offer much support for her family, the whole situation is heartbreaking and enraging, but we will work even harder to resist and take power away from the people Heather was protesting. Love, SJ White Hoods In The White House Who’s gonna wash those white hoods in the White House? They’re gonna find out! Break out their finest crosses to burn on the Front Lawn They get so turned on! Pretend to not feel the heat, so comfy in that seat Check your heart beat! Maybe they won’t come for you, if Continue reading Tribute For Heather Heyer→