1000 Plus
I'm pretty sure I've performed well over 1000 shows, especially considering how many I've played over the past five years around the Pacific Northwest, and I decided to try to compile a list of types of venues I've had the pleasure (usually) to experience so far: Coffee shops Festivals Chocolate/Candy shops Cannabis shops & 4/20 Events Strip Club bar Churches Memorials Birthdays Super Bowl Parties Protests Proposals Bachelorette Parties Weddings Streets in over a dozen countries Hostels Radio Shows Farmers Markets Nature viewpoints Rooftops Dive Bars/Classy Bars/Biker Bars Breweries Gondola Restaurants Schools Popup clothing shops Fairs Clubs Theaters Charity Events Political Rallies Trucks beds Ferries/boats Speakeasies ... I'm sure I've missed a few, this is just a quick and dirty list, but it feels Continue reading 1000 Plus→