Our review on MudRunner's DLC Old-Timers: awesome map, no-interest vehicles |
This is a DLC that we did not see coming. Between his announcement and the release date, only a few days have passed. With this new free DLC, 2 new vehicles and a new map. Does the gameplay change? Vehicles, do we really need them? MudRunner is a game with many mods, as well as Farming Simulator. The addition of 2 new vehicles was clearly not the priority. On the menu, a Chevrolet Napco 3100 and a GMC DW950. The Chevy is a fairly agile and powerful old four wheel drive to make its way into the most technical maps. It will easily find its place alongside the traditional jeep of the game. For the heavyweight however, we are still looking for interest. It comes with 2 relatively complex maps, off this vehicle is not off-road. In the end, it is found immediately in the map "Rocky Hill" but it is not used as it is unusable as soon as the terrain is complicated. In the map like "The desert" you will not do 400m without getting bogged down. The map break the routine Do you want to deliver