Focus What's Next: Farming Simulator developers answer our questions |
On April 10 and 11, 2019, Focus Home Interactive received the press at its annual What's Next event during which it is possible to meet the teams of various games of the French publisher. On this occasion we were able to ask some questions to the Giants Software team. You have unveiled the DLC Anderson, beautiful work, but you seem to have some difficulty in validating the mods that arrive. Apart from the number, are there many bad quality mods? Giants Software : "Calling them "bad" might be the wrong term but many actually do have similar issues why we have to send them back to the modders and ask for adjustments. Just to name a few common mistakes: Wrong descVersion modIcon doesn't have the white template background HUD visible in screenshots Second screenshot of maps is not a map overview Wrong textur format. DXT/3 is not allowed Shader, Shared and BaseGame textures aren't linked to $data " The Berthoud mods were unveiled ... then no news. Yet at Sima, the manufacturer has