Cattle and Crops 0.5: radial menu and new physics |
The version arrives, and with it, the new radial menu supposed to revolutionize the ergonomics of the game especially during a gamepad game. I will spare you straight away long speeches. If I had to summarize in one image the famous revolution, it would be this: Cattle and Crops is not Farming Simulator, let alone Pure Farming. The game offers to interact with vehicles and tools in every detail. Doors, windows, hitches, headlights, cabin lighting, transmission ... everything goes and there are not enough keys on an Xbox or PlayStation pad to control everything. Also MasterBrain Bytes had the false good idea to integrate a radial menu system to have all the functions under the elbow. Let's say it right now, there are TOO many functions, and we can not stop scrolling through the sub-menus of this wheel to find the one we need. The idea is good, but it would have been necessary to integrate only the essential functions. Who actually uses the windshield wipers or repositions the