Why prefer Modhoster to download mods |
Competition is tough on mod download platforms. And yet (or .com), the colossus with feet of clay, resists. Here are, among others, why. Because it's a serious site You probably remember my article on theft of mods. Some platforms were mentioned. Modhoster was not one of them. And for good reason, it is the first site of this type to have emerged. And if he is still standing today, it's not for nothing. On the platform, mods are put online by modders and only them. You will not find a mod "uploaded by the team modhoster" or by any self-proclaimed king. Links are respected and modders poorly paid for by the download areas. Because it's been almost 10 years since it lasted 8 years at the time of writing, an eternity for a website, and a colossal amount of data and mods published since. The site counts no less than 55000 mods on its platform. No other site displays such a result, and this real mod king will be hard to bend ... but do we want it? For versioning Without doubt