The Scania R620 competes with the Pure Farming 2018 DAFs |
Here is a mod signed Simulagri Modding. 3D from a CAD in order to better respect the heavy weight of the Swedish manufacturer, the rest happens in the powerful import tool of Pure Farming 2018. Originality of this mod, it uses for the first time the possibility of creating mirrors. No less than 5 are integrated here. The color may displease, but it is quite possible to modify it in the import tool once the mod recover from the Steam Workshop. Moreover, another particularity of this mod: it does not use texture. The only ones present are those of the headlights and the interior of the cabin. The rest, plastic and paint, is directly created in the game. Originally displaying more than 600,000 polygons, a high level of detail has been preserved, bringing the model back to 200,000 polygons. For Unity, this is not a problem and there is no slowdown. Side lights, everything is operational, including the dashboard. The latter has no counters because it is not possible to add them for the