Cattle Breeds: Beef in Farming Simulator 19 |
We already had the mod "Animal Species" which heavily modified the production and consumption properties of the animals present in the game. Here is Cattle Breeds, which only attacks cattle, and allows to raise your cows either for their milk, but for their meat. Explanations. Cattle Breeds is a very light mod, 34 KB on the scale. This script modifies the names and characteristics of Farming Simulator 19 cattle. For meat, 3 cows have been adjusted and renamed for the occasion. Red Poll and Angus, both of English origin, no longer produce milk, just like the Indian Brahman, which exists in 4 colors. The first two are big eaters, and produce a lot of manure. The 3rd consumes more water but produces more slurry.If you feed your livestock properly, just like for horses, you will be able to sell your animals with a small surplus value. Dairy are not left behind Dairy cows are also entitled to an adaptation. No more uniform cows. Our remaining 2 milk producers are also differentiated by