Update 1.4 puts Pure Farming back on the scene |
Pure Farming 2018 continues its progress and could well continue to overshadow the giant Farming Simulator with an update 1.4 which brings its share of improvements and novelties. Since its release almost 1 year ago, there was no reason to believe that the title of the IceFlame studio, published by Techland, would stand up to the titleholder of the agricultural simulation for so long. And yet, the game has continued to be improved until the 1.3 update which has unfortunately put a few sticks in the wheels of the studio and tainted the title by problems of artificial intelligence rather unwelcome. Today developers expect to reset the counters and punch on the table with the update 1.4 which show that the team of this "small independent game" still under the elbow. Artificial intelligence: workers on the way to be the most qualified The peeve of Pure Farming 2018, the workers have always done their work in a basic way, without taking initiative, like those of Farming Simulator, and far