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My previous video walked through the process of using the old Visual Studio Team Services VS Code extension. That extension has now been deprecated. With the latest version or VS Code (I installed v 1.28.1) you should see the Azure Repos extension baked into VS Code. The only other requirement is a local Git repo (I installed 2.19.1). Once you have all the software installed it's much easier to get this going, all the steps are below as well as in the video. Step 1: Download and install VS Code (Download Link: . The default install should work fine. Step 2: Download and install Git (Download Link: . Choose all the defaults except change VS Code to the default editor. That's actually optional but I did it. Step 3: Access your / Azure Repos repo and click the "Clone to VS Code" link… see the video for details. You'll be asked where in the file structure to clone the repo and prompted for your