Advanced Auditing with PowerShell Desired State Configuration Manager (DSC) | Desired State Configuration Manager | - Practical PowerShell for Humans
Greetings interweb. It's been a while but I'm back with a new video finally. This video focuses on Desired State Configuration Manager (DSC) and how to configure Advanced Auditing using DSC. You can certainly configure DSC using a group policy object (GPO). My use case for this is if you have a public facing web server that is in a DMZ outside the trusted side of your network. In that case, you probably don't want that public facing Server on your domain but you also what to audit it and patch it and all of those other security processes you might run on any other server on the trusted side of the network. For this exercise we will install DSC on a domain joined server (Pull Server) and configure that public facing server that's in the DMZ to pull configuration from the Pull server. Part 1: The Pull Server All of this code is executed on the domain-joined Pull server. Step 1: Install the required DSC modules, we need the 3 below. You can get all of them