The Story of Surya Deva and |
The Story of the seventh and the current Manu Vaiwaswata was indeed outstanding and eventful. Surya Deva who was also called Viwaswan married Vishwakarma's daughter Sanjna Devi. But since Surya was too powerful and radiant, Sanjna was unable to withstand his heat and light and was so afraid of him that she could glance him with wobbly and unsteady eyes. The couple gave birth to Viwasvata Manu and Yama Dharma Raja. Yet, Sanjna Devi could not adjust and continued to suffer Surya's heat; Surya got annoyed and cursed her that she would give birth to a River named Yamuna whose course was uneven and unsteady. Sanjna Devi couple was unable to hold the wrath of her husband any longer and having created a Chhayaa Sanjna (a shadow of hers) and briefed her to pretend like the original Sanjna, left for her father's home. Her father Vishwakarma chided her and asked her to return to her husband. But she assumed the Swarupa of a mare and commenced performing Tapasya in a far off Mountain meadows