Part 2. Bhimashankar Dham Guwahati Assam |
On 27th Feb 2016 I received a forward mail in response to my previous post Part 1. Bhimashankar Dham Guwahati Assam. "I have read your description about the Bhimeswar at Pamohi in Guwahati. If you have done a research on this subject and still inconclusive on the matter, kindly come few km away from the Bhimeswar towards Basistha Ashram, to Panchakanya dham, you would know the complete truth about it which you have been nearing but missing thinly so long. You have taken a very good step to show that "Originally "Bhimashankar" from Maharashtra(INDIA) is not really a Jyotirling". But, another step is yet required to reveal the complete truth about the actual Bheemashankar Jyotirlinga which is located near ( just ~300mtrs away from) the Basistha Ashram in Guwahati and the Bhimeswar worshipped at Pamohi - under the context - is the Upa-Linga of the main Bheemashankar Jyotirlinga. A book (in Assamese) had been written in 1984 regarding "Dwadash