Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra महामृत्युंजय मंत्र |
Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra महामृत्युंजय मंत्र is the great death conquering mantra given by Lord Shiva to help overcome the fear of death. The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra creates a very powerful protective shield of divine vibrations that wards off and protects us from negativities and evil forces. It is meant for healing rejuvenation and nurturance. It is beneficial for mental, emotional and physical health. It is also a moksha mantra which bestows longevity and immortality. Literal Meaning: ॐ Om त्र्यम्बकम् Try-Amba-kam - the three-eyed Lord Shiva यजामहे Yajaa-mahe - We worship you सुगन्धिम् Sugandhim - sweet smelling पुष्टि Pushtti - well-nourished, prosperous वर्धनम् Vardhanam = One who nourishes and strengthens health, wealth, and well-being उर्वारुकमिव Urvaa-arukam-Iva - Deadly and overpowering diseases बन्धनान् Bandhanaan - bound down, held captive मृत्योर्मुक्षीय Mrityor-Mokshiya - Liberate from death मामृतात Ma-Amrataa - give me immortality It is said that you should