Maa Durga - her swaroop of nine different forms |
These nine days are nine roop of maa durga, how to please her and pray her in her swaroop of nine different forms.... day 1. mata shailputri..... first avatar of durga. daughter of parvata raju (mountain king) mata holds trishul as a weapon in her right hand she rides on bull. she has pleasant smile. one feels positive to worship her. on this day one should offer garland of roses. day 2. mata brahmacharini..... second avatar of durga. as she meditated and did severe penance to attain lord shiva to be her husband she was called brahmacharini. very pious and strong willed.this day one should offer sugar as prasad to mata for her blessing and prosperity. day 3. mata chandraghanta..... third avatar of durga. she wears half moon on her head. this form indicates peace and wellbeing, kheer made from milk is offered to maa on this day as prasad and also feed brahmins. its said offering kheer to goddess relives people of all pain and acheive happiness. this goddes avatar is for prosperity. day