Part 1. Bhimashankar Dham Guwahati Assam |
April 2011 while watching Om Namah Shivay in Sahara one TV channel in Guwahati, I came to know about the story of Bhimasur. Kumbhakarna had love with Karkati, daughter of Patal Loke King. When Ravana came to invite Karkati's father and Kumbhakarna to fight with Ram. Kumbhakarna refused to fight until Ravan agreed to get him married to Karkati. At last on the advice of Narada, they got married and Kumbhakarna left for war. Karkati gave birth to a son named as Bhimasur. Karkati trained him to fight against Ram. Bhimasur did a penance to get boon from Lord Brahma. He later challenged Lord Vishnu to fight with him, which Lord agreed and lost war with him to keep the Lord Brhama's boon. This made Bhimasur arrogant and he started conquering various kingdom and imprisoned a king Priyadharman and his wife Dakshinadevi of Kamrupa. King Priyadharman and his wife started worshipping Lord Shiva even in prison. When Bhimasur sent his army to stop King worshiping, who were destroyed by rage of Lord