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See Update for WWIIOL – BattleField Europe vs. Call of Duty 1 and 2, Sept. 4, 2006 at the end of this article. by Jefferis Kent Peterson How would World War II have been different if the Brits had not been driven into the sea at Dunkirk, and the French not fallen at the Maginot Line? Enter the world of an interactive, 3D battle simulation of the European Theater during the early years of WWII. WWII Online (WWIIOL) is developed to be “a combined arms simulation” for both PC and Mac, with virtual air, ground, and sea combat missions played against thousands of other players around the world. An Enemy Panzer Has Spotted You Several years ago, I was introduced to online war gaming in a flight simulation called Air Warrior. Unlike video games, such as Asteroids, where you try to avoid obstacles while you “fly” and shoot, Air Warrior was built upon real flight modeling and combat damage calculations. In other words, you had to learn the techniques of real flight combat maneuvers to be successful. Rudder pedals, a joystick, and a weapons control throttle made the environment realistic and gave you an advantage over those playing by keyboard ... Read more