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Online Bible for Macintosh will NO LONGER BE UPDATED for the new operating systems. Sad to see this great program become obsolete. My program of choice for studying the Word Jefferis Kent Peterson (Online Bible for Win/DOS users also available) Ken Hamel has created a nifty little program for studying the Word of God. One of its nicest features is its ability to paste Bible verses directly into any of your art, email, or word processing programs with its FKey application. It is free for the basic version with the King James Bible. The Full and Deluxe versions are available on CD ROM. They include NIV, NRSV, NAS, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Greek, Hebrew, and hun dreds of other valuable resources. These versions cost something because of royalties, but they are well worth the price. However,the price for the Online Bible is much less than some commercial programs. I encourage you to check it out for free, and then, if you like it, buy one of the full versions.You will not be sorry. You can download the latest version from: A copy of the KJV New Testament is posted there as well. The Macintosh version of Online Bible has ... Read more