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The place where Paul and Peter were imprisoned in Rome. The Mamertine Prison The place where Paul and Peter were imprisoned in Rome. It is assumed that Paul wrote 2 Timothy during his second imprisonment in Rome during Nero’s reign. During his first imprisonment he was confined to house arrest – an honorable imprisonment accorded to prisoners of high status or to citizens accused of non-serious crimes. This time he was in a dungeon, where Onesiphorus had to search diligently to find him [[2 Tim. 1:17]. Because Paul was being treated like a common criminal, many were ashamed of him and of his chains [v. 15], and no longer wished to be associate with him; lest it soil their good names in society. Indeed, it would be as if today someone were in jail for treason against the United States for plotting rebellion. The charges against the Christians, of whom Paul was one, included sedition, being a superstitious cult that practiced cannibalism, sexual orgies, hatred of the human race, and the like. Since rumor and gossip stirred the populace, and since there was nothing like objective reporting or newspapers to tell the other side, popular perception carried the day. And ... Read more