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Prayers This Section is on Prayer and All Things Spiritual A Prayer for Sarah Palin An Intercessory Prayer for the People of the USA A Prayer of Repentance for the Roots of Abortion The True Strength of America Beautiful are the Praises that Arise from Sorrow Spiritual Discernment 5 Masonic Practices Which Violate the Word of God. An Intercessory Prayer for the People of the United States of America A Reason for the Lord to Have Mercy October 12, 2000 [For use in corporate or personal prayer] “O Lord, how can your people know the way, when their leaders lead them astray?” As Moses stood in the gap when your people had departed from your ways, worshipped a false god, and had fallen into immorality [Exodus 32-33], so now I stand today to plead the case of your people: O Great Father, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Author of Life, Giver of the Holy Spirit — have mercy upon us. We confess that we have sinned against you in so many ways that if we were to number them, many books could not contain the record. If you were to destroy us and wipe us off ... Read more