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Handout on the Occult Occult: something hidden or secret, especially secret knowledge or power as used in spells, incantations, secret worship or ritual. Satanism: the belief in and worship of Satan (as a real being or as a supernatural force or power), the devil, and or demons. The use of the occult or magic in worship or serving the devil. The practice of the Black Mass, in association with sexual intercourse, human and or animal sacrifice, is a hallmark of Satanism. Witchcraft: the use of spells or incantations to summon known or unknown forces to accomplish a task; often involves open worship of Satan in black witchcraft, but even "white" magic/witchcraft taps that same supernatural forces. Acclimation: getting used to things, which were unfamiliar. In our culture, we are now getting used to satanic practices and occult practices. It has been so gradual that we may not be aware of what is happening. Like satanic symbols being introduced by Heavy Metal rock groups. The youth just adopt the styles and symbols of their "heroes" without even being aware what these things represent. Listing of occult practices and modern equivalents.: In Deuteronomy, God gives a list of occult practices that ... Read more