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The Church Must Speak with One Voice In order to speak to society to give guidance, the Church must be speak with one voice. The confusion over the issue of slavery in the Church, North and South, led to war. But in the 1850’s the Church united over its opposition to abortion and so led the nation in the establishment of a national consensus against abortion, and it was made illegal (See George Grant: Third Time Around). The present impotence of the Church in America, I assert, can be directly attributed to the quiet assimilation of eugenic, racist, and classist ideologies in the mainline denominations during the 1930’s. Like Balaam’s poison, the Church ingested death in the name of the “good,” and so brought upon itself a legacy of corruption leading to irrelevance in social and political matters. It ceased to be the conscience of the nation when it ingested the poisonous thinking of the “quality of life” argument. This legacy began in the 1920’s with the adoption of the birth control ideologies promoted by Margaret Sanger. Any reading of her contemporary works betrays the vile racism and anti-Catholicism that motivated her. The nation, awash in immigrants from Slavic and ... Read more