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Reconstructionist Theology Reconstructionist Theology – A Flaw in the Foundation of Dominion Theology by Jefferis Kent Peterson, I It is a modern heresy that holds that the law of God has no meaning nor any binding force for man today. It is an aspect of the influence of humanistic and evolutionary thought on the church, and it posits an evolving, developing god. This “dispensational” god expressed himself in an earlier age, then later expressed himself by grace alone… But this is not the God of the Scripture, whose grace and law remain the same in every age, because He, as the sovereign and absolute lord, changes not, nor does He need to change.1 There are two key principles that direct the thought of Reconstructionist (Dominion) Theology: one is its understanding of the Law of God and the other is its eschatology. These two interwoven strands of compacted study and interpretation provide one of the most logically consistent theological world views of any in Church history. Unfortunately, the entire construct is built upon a misunderstanding of the role of the Law in redemption and in a confusion over its application to civil government. At the advent of the Reformation, Luther’s great ... Read more