Stoned, San Quirino (PN); ELASTICOSPA+3
The Stoned project has been nominated for the MiesAward 2019. ELASTICOSPA signs Stoned project, where the architecture studio plans the type of intervention, from recovery to demolition and reconstruction, to the choice of the materials for the renovation of the historic urban core of small Italian towns. The reinterpretation of the use of traditional stone walls had to deal with their fragility, in a region considered to be a high risk seismic area. The two buildings private house has to follow the rules of the building code, which imposes for all intervention in the historic centers the use of stone in the traditional shapes and formats to prevent the loss of identity of the small rural centers. While the shape of the house is defined by reinforced concrete slabs, traditional stone is reinterpreted in a "cosmetic" use; in this way subverting the hierarchy of the main building. Redevelopment of an area in the historical centre of San Quirino. Several sort of interventions, from