DTTDC plans beautification of Delhi entry points
Delhi Tourism & Transportation Development Corporation Limited (DTTDC) is planning to beautify the entry points of Delhi. Innovative, futuristic ideas and cost effective technology to develop user friendly & aesthetically pleasing design will be adopted for the project. The design will be eco- friendly and energy saving one, utilizing natural light, etc. and the complex will be designed as a green building. Along with the beautification of entry points, development of surrounding area will also be undertaken. So, the project will also include construction of Foot Over Bridge for pedestrian if required, public services like toilets, information booth, LED screens for projecting weather, time etc., signage depicting Delhi monuments and tourist places, advertisement, etc. Many gates have been built in Delhi during the regime various emperors in the past and that trend was continued even during the period of British Rule. The gates of the ancient city of Lal Kot, also called the