Morbi is India's ceramic export hub too
The Vibrant Ceramic Expo held in November 2017 may be considered as a turning point in the history of ceramics exports from India. It has provided a great platform for unorganised players to directly connect with importers from across the globe. Increased capacity in Morbi has been able to survive partly due to strong demand from abroad for Indian tiles. Many players in unorganised sector are focusing on this segment which has lessened the pressure on domestic supply. In Financial Year 2017, Morbi recorded an export of Rs 6200 crore thus accounting for 22% of Morbi's total production. In FY 2018 exports from the region saw a jump of 77% reaching Rs 11,000 crore accounting for 34% of the total product of tiles in Morbi. One of the factors that have contributed to the increased exports from India is the China made ceramic tiles turning costlier in recent years partly due to increased cost of production due to increased wage cost. Also, in recent years several countries have imposed anti