Lessons to be learnt from Chinese dominance in ceramics industry
China is the largest producer and exporter of ceramic tiles and this feat has been achieved in less than two decades. Though Chinese exports of ceramic tiles is shrinking in recent years, its sheer size which is far outstripping others still makes it a predominant player in the global ceramic industry. It was the cluster approach which helped China to achieve this disticntion in the global ceramic industry where today it accounts for nearly half of the production. There were several factors which contributed to its dominant position. No doubt Foshan Cluster has contributed substantially to China's ceramic industry and its growth and in fact, it is the backbone of the China's ceramic industry today. Apart from cluster approach some carefully adopted strategies too contributed to the growth of the industry. China being the most populous country in the world it always had the advantage of cheap labour, a factor which has started diminishing in its influence in recent years. Further, large