Help Delhi to breathe easy
Delhi Master Plan 2041 will be the fourth Master Plan and it should be really a different one if it wants to make a difference to the life of Delhiites. All the three earlier plans were developmental plans aimed at building basic infrastructure and housing. It mainly focused on what and where aspects of the projects and 'how' aspect was completely ignored. So, today construction is considered to be one of the main contributors to city's pollution with government ordering complete ban on construction activities at times. Delhi has seen three development plans so far (including the Delhi Master Plan 2021) and all these plans have been prepared by adopting a top down approach. And the new Master Plan too will follow the same approach and will lay down guidelines for the next 20 years on how and where Delhi builds its homes, offices, schools and industrial zones. That may the greatest drawback of the Master Plan undoing the basic objective of the plan at the inception itself. A true plan