Support World Rhino Day 2011
Rhinoceros Photo By Relic38, CC BY-SA 3.0, In 2010 WWF organized World Rhino Day on 22nd September. They created awareness of the plight of rhinos by asking people to make a noise: honk their horns, blow a vuvuzela, shout out — anything at all to make a noise for the rhino. The International organisation Saving Rhinos and Chishakwe Ranch in the Save Valley in South East Zimbabwe are continuing the tradition this year and have declared 22nd September 2011 to be the second World Rhino Day. They are appealing to the many groups, organisations and lovers of rhino who work all over the world on the behalf of battling rhino populations, to unite to make World Rhino Day as successful as possible. A Facebook page has been set up to act as an online “venue” for everyone to join forces. This is a good starting point for interested parties to express their concern, views and commitment as well as keep up to date on plans and ideas. One of the main aims of this year’s Rhino Day is to de-bunk the myths that fuel the demand for horn and the poaching of rhino. In particular, rhino horn has no medicinal value despite the long held belief to the contrary. Rhino are dying for nobody’s benefit except that of the criminals involved in the poaching rings. Pointless deaths and possible extinction of the world’s second biggest land mammal has got to define the ultimate in both waste and tragedy. If […]